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cover55dpi300Italian edition, Postmediabooks 2010

Domenico Quaranta, Media, New Media, Postmedia, Postmediabooks, Milan 2010. 176 pp, isbn 9788874900558
Buy on the publisher’s page (€ 19.00) – Google Books preview available.





English edition, Link Editions 2013

Domenico Quaranta, Beyond New Media Art, Link Editions, Brescia 2013. 290 pp., ISBN 9781291376975
Buy on Lulu (€ 15.00) | Download pdf | View it online on Issuu | Publisher’s site.




Slovenian edition, Aksioma 2014

Domenico Quaranta, Onkraj novomedijske umetnosti, Aksioma, Ljubljana 2014. 206 pp, ISBN 9781312094352
Available on as a paperback and freely downloadable pdf.


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